SECO QLV (Quick-Lever) Prism Poles


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This telescoping pole with the new SECO QLV™ locking mechanism is easily the most user-friendly prism pole on the market.

The QLV (Quick Lever with Vial) locking assembly keeps the high-vis 40-minute vial on the lock itself, out of the way of other accessories like data collector clamps and bipods that need space on the pole.

  • This new ‘positive locking’ mechanism is fast and simple to use, it’s also simple to service – the lever tension is adjustable allowing the user to customize the amount of locking pressure.
  • The high-vis vial features 40-minute sensitivity (other bubbles available) and easy access top screws for quick calibration.
  • This pole features a fixed tip and dual graduations.
  • The poles extend to 8.53 ft (2.60 m) and collapse to 4.97 ft (1.52 m).
  • The pole models shown weigh approximately 2.95 lb (1.34 kg).
  • Made in the USA.


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 4 × 4 in
Available Models:

SECO 8' QLV Prism Pole, SECO 12' QLV Prism Pole


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