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About Transit & Level

About Transit & Level

Our Motto:

Service Before the Sale

Remember those days when your groceries were taken out to your car for you? At Transit & Level, We strive to continually provide our customers with the service and respect that is missing from other businesses in the construction and surveying industry. We appreciate our customers no matter how big, or small….and we want you to know it.

Our History

Transit & Level began during the summer of 1981 in a small blue trailer parked in the backyard of a family home in Beaumont, Texas. Since those days we have advanced from calibrations and minor repairs on K&E Transits to major repairs and sales on today’s ever changing technology such as Robotic Total Stations and GPS.

Transit and Level remains a family-owned and operated survey equipment company in Cary, NC, with branch offices in Charlotte, NC and Beaumont, Texas. All three of which are fully stocked with a variety of supplies and survey equipment for Surveyors, Engineers and Construction companies and fully trained survey equipment service technicians to assist you with calibrations and survey equipment repairs on a variety of equipment.

We're not here
to be average...
We're here
to be awesome!

Our Future


In the Surveying and Construction Industry, many companies have specialties making them highly qualified to sell one particular product, support one particular brand, or repair one particular type of instrument. In our company, whether it is Survey Equipment, Layout Equipment, or Large Format Printers we have the experience you need to make things work more productive for you.


Our goal is not to match products to your needs Our goal is to match your workflow, working environment, job task and current knowledge with what is best for you and your company and then support that equipment through its life cycle. We bring over 35 years of experience in service, sales and support for a variety of surveying equipment types, brands, and software. As technology gurus, our knowledge is not restricted to only the equipment we sell.


We offer 1-2 day turnaround on all repairs with parts in stock and emergency repairs are accepted anytime. We repair brands from all manufacturers.


Professional, Reliable and Efficient Technical Support is the foundation of our business. We offer both free and paid training and support on a variety of equipment and software.


Transit & Level offers a variety of rental equipment including GPS, Robotic Total Stations, Total Stations, Data Collectors, Lasers, Levels and other accessories on a daily, weekly, or monthly rate.

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