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Field positioning solution for site construction applications.

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Leica iCON site – Construction Software Custom-built solutions for road construction

Road construction and civil engineering projects continue to get more demanding due to complexity and increased pressure to complete everything correctly on time. Leica iCON site software is a fundamental element that seamlessly connects your site solutions to enhance the performance, quality and accuracy your projects require – because it has to be right!

Benefits of iCON site Intelligent Workflow.  Increase performance and productivity on site with an innovative software design, smart digital workflows and easy-to-understand user interface. Layout more points per day and verify as-built data against design models to speed up project progress and minimize rework and future clash issues.  Execute tasks better and faster.

  • Take the guesswork out of your project, for quicker and more accurate invoicing with highly professional workflows
  • Make the most out of your field crew and let them stakeout points, lines, profiles and surfaces without having to wait for a site surveyor
  • Increase uptime of the machines by keeping them up-to-date and productive
  • Leica ConX cloud connectivity allows quick file and data exchange between machine and office and between different machines on the construction site

Exceptional application functionality

  • Tailored to user and application specific needs
  • Reduce to the main functionality for straightforward and result driven workflows
  • Familiarize yourself with the product faster, starting with one or two applications and grow with your experience
  • Intuitive interface for unmatched user experience
  • Seamless integration with all Leica iCON sensors and Leica Geosystems machine control solutions

3D Machine Control and Stakeout

The new workflows have significantly increased productivity by reducing the task time up to 50% and at the same time increasing accuracy and visibility of the progress in different tasks that simultaneously occur .
Versatility On and Off machine:  Leica iCON site has you covered no matter where in the heavy construction process you work. The smart digital workflows provide increased performance and accuracy in all site tasks. Whether your focus is on stakeout of points, lines and surfaces or cut and fill and volume calculations, iCON site provides what is needed to improve quality, reduce errors and simply improve the entire heavy construction workflow. With our special applications such as drill pattern for rock blasting and differential milling, we ensure there is an ideal iCON solution for every single task on the construction site.
Featured Applications:
Roading:  Every layer underneath the asphalt has an important role to play on the quality and durability of this road. Make no compromises with the roading application on the iCON site field software which provides a precise road construction workflow with millimetre accuracy, utilising detailed road design models. Even when there are last-minute design model changes, quickly adapt with the hold cross-slope or create cross-sections functionality. To make sure everyone on site is working with the latest design, easily share it among different machine control systems and stakeout specialists with the cloud connectivity of Leica ConX.
Stakeout:  Stakeout of points, lines, parallels, arcs or slopes are daily tasks on a construction site that require precision and flexibility. Being able to read different file formats such as XML, iCON site field software provides the versatility you need but the benefits do not stop here. Integrated tolerance checks increase accuracy and reduce human errors while the reference lines contribute to better orientation on site which leads to higher productivity by completing these tasks faster.
Foreman Solution:  The iCON site Foreman solution gives you instant real-time access to project statistics in the field, allowing you to make better informed decisions quicker than ever before. Instantly increase site productivity by checking the efficiency of your machines and site personnel with an easy-to-use in-cab display and make checks on whether your project is on time and on specification. Installing the system on a vehicle, enables fast surface checks, especially over large areas. With the cloud connectivity of Leica ConX you can share your data instantly and remotely with site personnel and machine operators.
Works with all iCON products

The ability to exchange hardware between various construction sites, projects and site personnel maximizes your flexibility and reduces downtime. You can use:

Maintain design reliability with Construction Cloud connectivityA cloud connection between iCON field and industry’s most trusted management software providers allows all connected parties to communicate and document most up-to-date information. Project managers in the office can now track progress of as-built and layout tasks based on true millimetre accurate field data within minutes! Lean more about office connectivity here!

Customer Support.  Whether you have a big team or a small one, whether your employees have experience or they are new, no matter if you have complex projects or you simply want to optimize daily basic tasks, we stand behind you with a well established and trained support network to make sure you make the most out of your investment to Leica Geosystems solutions. Many things might keep our customers awake at night but, at Leica Geosystems, we ensure that their equipment is not one of them.


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