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Leica Geosystems AP20 AutoPole

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Leica AP20 AutoPole is the only smart system on the market that solves three
common workflow problems surveying and construction professionals face daily:

– entering the pole height manually into the field software
– having to level the pole
– accidentally locking to a foreign target at a busy site

The AP20 helps users work more efficiently, trust the data they gather and
increase productivity overall. The result is faster completion of projects while
maintaining high quality standards.

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Each of the AP20’s unique functionalities provides distinct and significant advantages to the surveyor’s workflow.

Tilt compensation is a feature that enables point measurements with a tilted pole, eliminating the need to level the pole and hold it steady during point measurement. Essentially, the AP20, replaces the individual levelling uncertainty of the pole operator with the certainty of a reliable IMU sensor.

Even when you must drastically tilt a pole to reach a point, you can be confident that the tip of the pole is always the point being measured. Tilt compensation makes points accessible that were previously too difficult to measure or even impossible to reach. At the same time, productivity increases because you can collect data or stakeout a location without slowing down to level the pole.

With PoleHeight, the AP20 automatically measures the current length of the pole and applies the detected changes in Leica Captivate field software, removing the need to read, check and enter height changes manually in the field software. This also eliminates time-consuming post-processing to fix incorrectly entered or forgotten target heights, saving time in the office as well as the field.

Conditions on sites are rarely static or predictable, you might often need to change the length of the pole to ensure line of sight to the total station over obstacles. With the AP20’s PoleHeight functionality, you can easily adjust the height to accommodate the situation, with the assurance that the correct pole height is always recorded.


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